Low Festival 2023 in Benidorm featuring Placebo

Low Festival 2023 in Benidorm featuring Placebo

One of Spain´s most eagerly followed music festivals, Low Festival 2023, has already announced a string of confirmations with 3 international and 11 national names:  Placebo, Vetusta Morla, Viva Suecia, Bombay Bicycle Club, Deluxe, Iván Ferreiro, Arde Bogotá, Second, Cupido, Cariño, Lynks, Depresión Sonora, Trashi and Dove.

Low Festival 2023 takes place in Benidorm on 28, 29, and 30 July, 2023.

This first batch is led by the British group Placebo, who will return to Benidorm 11 years after their last performance at the festival. Many things have changed since then (starting with the name of the festival), but the most faithful “lowers” still remember that concert as one of the most magical in the festival’s history. They will arrive converted (even more if possible) into a cult band and, furthermore, with new material: “Never Let Me Go” is the title of their latest album, released this year.

For the first time in Benidorm, Bombay Bicycle Club will arrive with one of the most attractive and charismatic live acts of British indie rock. Since its inception, the influences of postpunk, auteur rock and British indie pop have marked a very characteristic sound that promises a true communion between lowers and band.

The latest international name of the day is Lynks, the alter ego of Britain’s Elliot Brett. Biting is the absolute protagonist of his songs, and allows him to vindicate and be honest about issues such as the stereotyping of queer people and old and new masculinities. Everything, loaded with vibrant electro-pop rhythms, exaggerated dances and infinite lights, which make up a festive, scathing and highly intelligent live show.

At the national level, bands like Vetusta Morla could not be missing with their latest work “Cable a Tierra”, an enveloping and close show that has already crossed borders and that triumphs on each of their visits to Benidorm; Viva Suecia, who will present “El Amor De La Clase Que Sea”, with which she has demonstrated her great musical growth; the return of Iván Ferreiro, who with more than 20 years of experience, returns to Benidorm five years later to offer his most sincere show; or Arde Bogotá, one of the revelation bands of national rock that will perform for the first time at the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor to present their highly anticipated second album.

Another very special national show will be Deluxe. After countless nights dancing and dancing to their biggest hits (there are so many DJs who have played “Que no” or “Reconstrucción” at the festival…), the lowers will finally be able to enjoy the reunion of one of the bands out loud. essential to understand the drift of the sound of the national indie-pop scene. It will be a show of strong emotions, hymns and memories.

Second, the Murcian band will offer one of their last concerts in this edition of Low Festival. After presenting practically all albums from the last thirteen years in the hands of the festival organisation, magic and emotion will not be lacking in another of the most anticipated national concerts.

Cupid were already at the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor in the last edition before the pandemic. So, the small stage was too small for them, so this time they promise to turn their show on a big stage into a giant. Undoubtedly, an authentic “Love Overdose” will be experienced on the lawn of the venue.

As they say: they are “three friends making pop and moves”. Cariño has taken his moves to another level, they have crossed borders thanks to the repercussions of his latest album, the eponymous “Cariño”, surpassing the tontipop label and entering fields such as hyperpop and even some sui generis reggaeton. On the other hand, Depresión Sonora, the most innovative proposal of national post punk, has managed to reach millions of reproductions on digital platforms with songs like ‘Ya No Hay Verano’ or ‘Hasta Que Llegue la Muerte’.

Trashi are becoming, by leaps and bounds, bastions of the national new pop scene. Thus, they will present their second album in Benidorm in which it promises to be an energetic show full of good melodies, vocoders and charisma. Nor could one of the revelation bands of Madrid underground rock be missing this 2022: La Paloma (about to release their first LP) promises to become one of the great groups on the small stage of #Low2023.

Low Festival 2023 in Benidorm featuring Placebo


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