You can vote and stand in local elections in Spain once you have been resident for 3 years. To do so, you must:

   be registered on the municipal register where you live (padrón municipal)

   confirm your registration on the electoral roll (censo electoral), within the dates set by the electoral authorities before each election

Your town hall may not allow you to register on the electoral roll at other times.

Read the Spanish government’s guidance on voting in local elections.

You can also read the bilateral agreement between the UK and Spain on participating in local elections. This is also available in Spanish.

The UK is completing ratification procedures for this agreement, so it applies provisionally until it is ratified. This means your rights to vote locally, and to stand as a candidate, are fully protected as explained in the agreement.

To stand as a local election candidate, read Spanish organic law 5/1985 (in Spanish) or consult with your local Oficina del Censo Electoral.

You cannot vote in general or regional elections in Spain or European Parliamentary elections.

You may be able to vote in some UK elections. You can:

   check if you are able to vote

   register as an overseas voter

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