Castile and León Territorial organization

The community is formed from nine provinces: Province of Ávila, Province of Burgos, Province of León, Province of Palencia, Province of Salamanca, Province of Segovia, Province of Soria, Province of Valladolid and Province of Zamora. The provincial capitals fall in the homonymous cities to their corresponding provinces.

The concurrence of some peculiar geographic, social, historical and economic characteristics in the Leonese region of the El Bierzo is recognized, being created in 1991 the homonymous region, the only Castilian-Leonese recognized by law, administered by a Comarcal Council.

Province                            Capital         Area (km2)       Population          Municipalities

Province of Ávila                   Ávila                  8,050.15             171,647                248

Province of Burgos               Burgos           14,291.81              372,538                371

Province of León                   León              15,580.83              493,312                211

Province of Palencia            Palencia           8,052.51              170,513              191

Province of Salamanca        Salamanca     12,349.95             350,018                362

Province of Segovia             Segovia            6,922.75              163,171                209

Province of Soria                  Soria               10,306.42              94.610                  183

Province of Valladolid         Valladolid        8,110.49              532,765                225

Province of Zamora             Zamora          10,561.26              191.613                248

Castile and León Provision of services

The new territorial arrangement approved by Law 7/2013, on Planning, Services and Government of the Territory of the Community of Castile and León, establishes that the geographical spaces delimited for the provision of services are the basic unit of territorial planning and services (UBOST) -urban or rural- and functional areas -stable or strategic-. Also, the...

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