Cantabria Transportation and communications

The most significant consequence of the strong relief of the Cantabrian territory is the existence of topographic barriers that condition decisively the courses of the linking infrastructures, as much in the north–south orientation in the accesses to the Castilian Mesa, as in the east–west in the communication between valleys. Moreover, the cost of their construction and maintenance is much higher than average.

The main communications infrastructures of the region are:

Santander Airport

Cantabrian Motorway (Autovía A-8, European route E-70)

Cantabria-Meseta Motorway (Autovía A-67)

Narrow-gauge railway Santander-Oviedo (Renfe Feve)

Narrow-gauge railway Santander-Bilbao (Renfe Feve)

Broad-gauge railway Santander-Palencia-Valladolid-Ávila-Madrid (Renfe)

Broad-gauge high-speed railway Santander-Torrelavega-Valladolid-Segovia-Madrid (Renfe)

Ferry line Santander-Plymouth

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