Canary Islands Terrestrial wildlife

With a range of habitats, the Canary Islands exhibit diverse plant species. The bird life includes European and African species, such as the black-bellied sandgrouse; and a rich variety of endemic (local) taxa including the:


Graja, a subspecies of red-billed chough endemic to La Palma

Blue chaffinch:

Gran Canaria blue chaffinch endemic to Gran Canaria

Tenerife blue chaffinch endemic to Tenerife

Canary Islands chiffchaff

Fuerteventura chat

Tenerife goldcrest

La Palma chaffinch

Canarian Egyptian vulture

Bolle’s pigeon

Laurel pigeon

Plain swift

Houbara bustard




Canary Islands oystercatcher (extinct)

Terrestrial fauna includes geckos, wall lizards, and three endemic species of recently rediscovered and critically endangered giant lizard: the El Hierro giant lizard (or Roque Chico de Salmor giant lizard), La Gomera giant lizard, and La Palma giant lizard. Mammals include the Canarian shrew, Canary big-eared bat, the Algerian hedgehog (which may have been introduced) and the more recently introduced mouflon. Some endemic mammals, the lava mouse, Tenerife giant rat and Gran Canaria giant rat, are extinct, as are the Canary Islands quail, long-legged bunting, the eastern Canary Islands chiffchaff and the giant prehistoric tortoises; Geochelone burchardi and Geochelone vulcanica.

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