Balearic Islands Demographics

Island Population  % Islands             Density

Majorca (Mallorca/Mallorca)           777,821               79.12%214.84
Ibiza (Eivissa/Ibiza)                                  111,107               11.30%              193.22
Menorca (Menorca/Menorca)          86,697                  8.82%124.85
Formentera (Formentera/Formentera)          7,506                  0.76%90.17

Circa 2017 there were 1,115,999 residents of the Balearics; 16.7% of the islands’ population were foreign (non-Spanish). At that time the islands had 23,919 Moroccans, 19,209 Germans, 16,877 Italians, and 14,981 British registered in town halls. The next-largest foreign groups were the Romanians; the Bulgarians; the Argentines, numbering at 6,584; the French; the Colombians; and the Ecuadoreans, numbering at 5,437.

Circa 2016 the islands had 1,107,220 total residents; the figures of Germans and British respectively were 20,451 and 16,134. Between 2016 and 2017 people from other parts of Spain moved to the Balearics, while the foreign population declined by 2,000. In 2007 there were 29,189 Germans, 19,803 British, 17,935 Moroccans, 13,100 Ecuadoreans, 11,933 Italians, and 11,129 Argentines. The numbers of Germans, British, and South Americans declined between 2007 and 2017 while the largest-increasing populations were the Moroccans, Italians, and Romanians.

Roman Catholicism is, by far, the largest religion in Balearic Islands. In 2012, the proportion of Balearicians that identify themselves as Roman Catholic was 68.7%.

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