Asturias Demographics

According to the 2020 census, the region has a population of 1,018,784 which constitutes 2.1% of the population of Spain, with the population density numbering 96 people per square kilometre.

Asturian population has the highest mortality rate in Spain and the lowest total fertility rate (1.03), the lowest in the European Union.[17]

Immigration is not as high as in other Spanish regions as immigrants only represent, according to the 2017 census, 3.65% of population.

Asturias Languages

The only official language in Asturias is Spanish. The Asturian language, also known as Bable, is also spoken, and is protected by law (Ley 1/1998, de 23 de marzo, de uso y promoción del bable/asturiano — "Law 1/1998, of 23 March, of Use and Promotion of Bable/Asturian"). It is sometimes used by the Asturian civil...

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Asturias Religion

In 2019, the Centre for Sociological Research carried a study showing the population of Asturias was 65.2% Catholic (25.1% practicing), 13.5% agnostic, and 12.8% atheist.

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