Asturias Administrative and territorial division

Asturias is organised territorially into 78 municipalities, further subdivided into parishes.

Asturias is also divided into eight comarcas, which are not administrative divisions. They are only used as a system to homogenize the statistical data made by the Principality.

Municipalities of Asturias

RankNameComarcaPop. 1GijónGijón271,717 2OviedoOviedo219,910 3AvilésAvilés77,791 4SieroOviedo51,509 5LangreoNalón39,183 6MieresCaudal37,537 7CastrillónAvilés22,273 8San Martín del Rey AurelioNalón15,817 9Corvera de AsturiasAvilés15,525 10VillaviciosaGijón14,470 11LlaneraOviedo13,695 12LlanesOriente13,473 13LavianaNalón12,882 14Cangas del NarceaNarcea12,124 15ValdésEo-Navia11,394 16LenaCaudal10,701 17AllerCaudal10,413 18CarreñoGijón10,301 19GozónAvilés10,282 20GradoOviedo9,703 

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Asturias Parishes

The parroquia or parish is the subdivision of the Asturian municipalities. Currently, there are 857 parishes integrating the 78 municipalities in the region, and they usually coincide with the ecclesiastic divisions.

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