Alicante-Elche Airport has Bumper Winter

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It’s been a bumper winter for Alicante-Elche Airport, according to official statistics. Traveller numbers at Alicante-Elche and Valencia airports have seen a second successive record month, according to February’s figures released by airport operator Aena.

For Alicante-Elche the total of 790,766 passengers was the highest February figure since the airport opened in 1967 and was up 1 percent on the previous best recorded in 2019.

The percentage rise at Valencia’s Manises airport was even higher with a rise of 6 percent on its 2019 record figure, with a total of 555,683 travellers.

After two record-breaking, bumper winter months, the signs are positive for the rest of the year as the travel market in Spain continues to recover and go from strength-to-strength following the disruptions caused by the Covid pandemic.

Alicante-Elche’s international travellers were back to 99 percent of 2019 levels with domestic passengers up by 12.8 percent over four years. Valencia reported a 2 percent international rise, with a 16.9 percent increase on domestic services. Compared to a year earlier, Alicante-Elche’s total was up by 35.5 passengers with a 41.9 percent increase for Valencia.

United Kingdom passengers once again dominated Alicante-Elche with 267,268 out of the 790,766 total, followed a long way behind by Dutch arrivals on 70,452. One country that’s continuing to rise is Poland sixth on the international arrivals list with 26,908 travellers. At Valencia, the biggest foreign group came from Italy on 87,054, followed by the United Kingdom with 50,376.

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