DGT Procedures at the Post Office

Historically, in Spain, when carrying out administrative functions such as those related to driver or vehicle licences, they could only be done in the offices of the DGT, which are few and far between, were always busy, and were a bit of a nightmare for anyone who had to attend. A telephone service was introduced, then an online virtual office, now the MiDGT app, but many of us still like the face-to-face contact, but would rather not have the hassle and inconvenience of visiting the Trafico offices, which is precisely why the DGT formed a collaboration agreement with Correos, so a number of procedures can be carried out at the post office. We have spoken a lot about eco stickers, and this is perhaps the most obvious collaborative element with Correos, as the eco stickers are available from the post office, subject to availability of course. If you have lost or damaged the vehicle’s logbook, Permiso de Circulación, you can obtain a replacement from the post office. You can obtain the necessary documentation from the DGT website, complete it, and take it to the post office, along with the fee, and they will submit the application for you, registering where you want the new logbook to be sent, and issuing you with a temporary permit. If you are considering buying a car second-hand, we always advise that you obtain a vehicle report first. Two different reports are available, a basic one, and one that is more in-depth, which is the one we recommend. They can be obtained from the DGT website, but you can also get these at the post office, where they will issue the report on the spot. On the same subject, the notice of sale of a vehicle can also be done at the post office. This procedure offers a secure way of ensuring that any subsequent fines after the sale are directed to the new owner, for example. The change of ownership of a vehicle or moped can also be done through Correos, without having to go to the Provincial Traffic Office. There are other fees which must be paid before this process is started at the post office, namely the Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales (IPT), a property transfer tax associated with a vehicle sale. As well as the procedures being available online via the DGT’s virtual office, Correos also offers the ability to carry out these DGT procedures via their website, correos.es. Depending on the process you will be following, there will be a need to upload certain documents, and pay the corresponding fees online. DGT Procedures at the Post Office   The post DGT Procedures at the Post Office first appeared on N332.es – Driving In Spain.

The post DGT Procedures at the Post Office first appeared on Spanishvida – Spanish news in English.

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