The Council of Ministers approves the elimination of the mandatory use of masks on public transport

The Council of Ministers has approved the proposal of the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, that the mandate to wear a mask on public transport in Spain, including on flights, be withdrawn as of Wednesday 8 February.

It should be noted however, that the obligation to wear a mask at all times is maintained in health centres and services, in pharmacies and first-aid kits, as well as in social and health centres, both for the people who work in them, and for visitors.

Despite the increase in infections and deaths reported last week, the experts who report to the government state that the overall situation of Covid in Spain is favourable.

Darias said that this decision is adopted at a time of great stability, in terms of COVID-19 cases, with a clear downward trend, suggesting they feel that the uptick last week was a glitch.

According to the latest report, from last Friday, the 14-day cumulative incidence (AI) in people over 60 years of age is 50.76 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In addition, the beds occupied by COVID patients are 1.64% of the total and in ICUs, 1.70%. The lowest figures of the entire pandemic.

Regarding vaccination, almost 93% of the population over 12 years of age has a full dose (two jabs), with little over half the population having a booster however, and the fourth dose restricted to the elder group, although more than 75% of those over 80 have received the second booster dose.

Despite the withdrawal of the mandate, the Minister of Health has insisted on the recommendation of responsible use of masks. In this way, as indicated by experts, its use is recommended in people who present symptoms compatible with an acute respiratory infection and in vulnerable people.

Also in closed spaces, in large events, as well as in the family environment and in meetings or private celebrations depending on the vulnerability of the participants.

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