Most Common Failures in ITV Inspections

We will have to wait a little longer for the 2022 data, but for the last year in which information has been completed, 2021, we are able to see both the most common types of vehicles that fail the ITV inspections, and the most common reasons for failure. The association of ITV stations in Spain, AECA-ITV, reports that in 2021, some 21.8 million vehicles were subjected to the ITV inspection in Spain, which itself was an increase of 10 percent compared to 2020, but more worryingly was the fact that up to 37.6 percent of the vehicles that had to undergo inspection did not show up. Of the 21.8 million vehicles that were tested, a little more than 4 million vehicles did not pass the ITV the first time, representing up to 18.5 percent of the total. Of course, almost 17.8 million vehicles in return passed without problems, reaching the figure of 81.5 percent.


Another of the most interesting data that we know is that of the vehicles where the most defects are detected in the ITV and which are in the worst condition. And here the reviews do not lie: both vans and trucks weighing more than 3,500 kg are the ones with the most serious and very serious defects. Specifically, 28.9 percent of them do not pass the ITV the first time. These vehicles are followed by trailers and semi-trailers, which accumulate a failure rate in the ITV of up to 24.4 percent; Then buses and coaches appear, with 23.6 percent, and vans and trucks weighing less than 3,500 kg, with 23.8 percent of vehicles not passing the ITV test the first time.


On the contrary, ambulances and taxis are the vehicles with the highest percentage of “favorable” ITVs, with 87.7 percent approved the first time and only 12.3 percent rejected. They are followed by agricultural vehicles, with 85.1% approval, passenger cars, with 82.2 percent, and motorcycles and quads, with 82%. Once these data are known, the following question is obvious: what are the main failures detected by the ITV and that lead the vehicles to fail? In this sense, the figures indicate that, on average, inspections register 2.1 serious defects per vehicle, with ambulances and taxis again having the lowest ratio (with only 0.9 serious defects per vehicle) and, conversely, with trailers and semi-trailers registering the highest number: up to 2.8 serious defects per vehicle.


Below we reflect which are the main defects that cause more ITV tests to be suspended in Spain, thus resulting in the 18.5 percent of vehicles that do not pass the inspection the first time. Lighting and signalling: This is the section in which more serious defects are detected with 26% of the total. It is worth noting the importance of the correct functioning of the lighting system in a vehicle since it allows the correct perception of the road and the correct visibility of the vehicle for the rest of the occupants of the road. Lights are one of the things we can easily check ourselves, although it is easier with an assistant, so make sure you check every light before the test, including those which illuminate the rear number plate. Axles, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension: With 21% of serious defects detected, it is the second section in which more defects are detected in the ITV in Spain. The difference between tyres below the minimum threshold and ones in perfect condition can tip the balance in the event of an incident on the road. Polluting emissions: 16% of ITV rejections are caused by incorrect operation of polluting emission control systems. This is a section of vital importance, since, according to the study “Contribution of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) to road safety and the environment”, carried out by the Duque de Santomauro Motor Vehicle Safety Institute (ISVA) of the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), the ITV stations have avoided, due to exposure to particles (PM), 575 premature victims, in the year 2021. Brakes: The brakes and braking systems of vehicles already account for 13% of the serious defects detected, being a key element in any incident on the road. The post Most Common Failures in ITV Inspections first appeared on – Driving In Spain.

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